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  The Island Of The Blue Monkeys is the story of the human race, told symbolically through a fictional race of monkeys living on an island - one they believe is the only island in the sea.

Evolving over time from a simple, primitive culture into a diverse and complex society, the monkeys arrive where humanity now sits: on the doorstep of transformation.

Book One - the blue cover - is about the history of the blue monkeys: how their island and their civilization develop, how we arrive at the state of our world today.
  Book Two - the purple cover - is about the shift in consciousness that humanity is currently experiencing. The monkeys portray symbolically what each of us is undergoing - an explosive expansion of consciousness, a transformation into an entirely new state of being.

The Island Of The Blue Monkeys is simple yet profound. It is written for readers of all ages and cultures, and is intended not as instruction or prophecy but as stimulation and inspiration.

The transformation of humanity is upon us.

It is happening one person, one monkey, at a time.