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Sculpture by Ikru Warm an Eazy
Ikru can take a block of reclaimed wood, or a tree stump and turn it into a piece of fine art. 

To sit with IKRU while he works is a magical experience.  One can learn many things from this man if you take the time to listen.  He is truly wise beyond his years and his spirit is one that will captivate you through his work, knowledge and kindness.

Ikru's work has been showcased in several Galleries throughout the Philadelphia area recently and he has many pieces currently for sale.

The following excerpt is from his exhibition at the Knapp Gallery in June 2010:  "Preferring the abstract, drawn to the convex and concave nature of shapes, Ikru survives through his art. Committed to his craft, determined to overcome, identifying his art with the homeless, believing his creativity a gift direct from God the Creator, Ikru sells his art on the street for his daily bread. Unseen Beauty, a relief wood carving (35" x 19"), made from a gifted block of wood, evidences the beauty Ikru sees often missed by others. "I see the beauty that others don't. Many homeless do."

"Unseen Beauty"
Relief Wood Carving
35" x 19"


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