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  Rupert E. Salmon, a.k.a. Ikru Warm an Eazy, was born in Jamaica where he studied at the Jamaica School of Arts in Kingston, receiving Bachelor of Arts in Realistic Painting and Sculpting. His credits include the Bronze Medal for Art in Jamaica and the Bronze Medal for Pop and Variety. The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, the Pump House Gallery in Hartford, CT., the York College in Queens, NY., and the Chatom Museum of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA are just a few of Ikruís impressive exhibition and teaching credentials. He professorial history includes the Jamaica School of Art and Craft, Black Rock High School, and Cobbla Youth Camp. Ikru is a long time accomplished writer of poetry, sculptor, musician and dancer. One must only take a glance at his written word, listen to his personal vocal recitations or view his painting or sculpture to know that his artistic gifts are vast and his voice and rhythm are like no other.

Presently, Ikru can be found roaming all over the streets of Philadelphia creating, photographing and showing his work at places like Broad Street Ministry, Project Home, The Senior Center, the Philadelphia Community College, and the Eastern Service Workers Association. And one can always find him working his magic down on the corner of 3rd and Market near the Artist & Craftsman Supply shop.

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