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Photography by Doug Kosydar

Inside this gallery you will find a wide variety of images in which Doug has attempted to capture the energy of  Nature through his lens.  He has been fortunate to travel throughout the United States as well as Europe and the Islands of the Caribbean and South Pacific.

“There is something truly special about being on a tropical island where the colors and patterns of nature captivate you for the first time.”

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  The Art of IKRU Warm an Eazy

Ikru Warm an Eazy, was born in Jamaica where he studied at the Jamaica School of Arts in Kingston, receiving Bachelor of Arts in Realistic Painting and Sculpting.

His credits include the Bronze Medal for Art in Jamaica and the Bronze Medal for Pop and Variety.

IKRU works his magic in many mediums!

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  Author Don Chittick

"Over the past several years, I have gone through numerous changes in perspective: perspective of myself, of the world, of reality, of what IS.

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